BMW's Mission Impossible Hybrid Car Goes For An Icy Test Run

Sneaky spy shots of BMW's carbon-fibre hybrid car have surfaced from Scandinavia's icy plains, showing a lean profile and superb handling in tough conditions. That'll come in handy for Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible character, who is due to drive it in The Ghost Protocol.

While the i8 won't hit showrooms until 2013, it's said BMW has foregone the diesel and will use gasoline - as well as running on electric power. CNET has said it's based on BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics concept car, which weighs 1395kg and has a fuel economy of 32km/L and 356hp total power. It's said to be able to zoom from 0 to 100km/h in just five seconds and has a top speed of 248km/h.

As for the price, well... expect somewhere in the region of $US242,600. [BimmerPost via Car Magazine and The Reg]

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