Battleheart For iPad

Battleheart For iPad

For your average gamer (me!), RPGs can be daunting. It always seems like some confusing soup of powers and power-ups, like everything’s in some mystifying and dorky language that I just don’t speak. Battleheart, an adorable and addictive RPG, is more my speed. And it might be the perfect iPad game.

What is it?

Battleheart, $4, iPad. It’s certainly not the first RPG for the iPad, nor the most traditional – Aralon probably takes that title – but as far as I’ve seen it’s the best RPG designed for the iPad, a game that rewards investment but is easy to get the hang of, one that has delicious graphics and a control scheme designed around pokings, proddings, and swipings instead of merely accommodating them.

Basically you command a rotating cast of four cute little combatants – there are knights, mages, pirates, thieves, ninjas, healers, etc to “recruit” – against an ever-evolving cast of skeletons, trolls, blobs, and other baddies. You accrue gold and experience points along the way, opening up availability to new skills, spells, and armaments. Pretty standard RPG fair. But in this case it’s executed perfectly for the iPad (though it also works on the iPhone). Things are simple. Drag a character to a spot to move him. Drag a character over an enemy to attack. Tap a spell to cast it. Simple.

Who’s it good for?

People who like RPGs; people who think they might like RPGs if theY weren’t so damn confusing; people who are looking to find a game that’ll reward them for continued play.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

The animation is superb, and the control scheme is simple and effective. It’s easy to get into but stays challenging (and thus rewarding) throughout. And for only $US3, it’s a total steal.

How could it be even better?

Multiplayer would be so, so good.

Battleheart, iPad [iTunes]

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