Australia To Get Stick Figure Airport Body Scanners This Year

Our American cousins are no stranger to having airport officials checking out their junk in a vague attempt at airport security. Full body scanners have been a controversial addition to American airports for both health and privacy reasons. Now Australia's about to get the same types of scanners, although without the fear of inadequacies raised from having strangers look at your man-bits, thanks to the introduction of stick figure technology. And no, that's not a euphamism.

According to Tim Barlass at the SMH, the imaging software to be used in the Australian version of the body scanners will simply detect potential threats and show their location, without giving a graphic outline of your man (or woman) bits. And if you scan clean, customs officers won't even see an outline, but will instead receive a big green "Okay" on their screen. It sounds a lot like the updated scanners the US were starting to roll out last month, which is the picture above.

At this point, it isn't exactly clear what will happen should you refuse to go through the scanners for health reasons - although it's likely you'll end up with a 21st century pat down for your troubles, given the powers that be think these types of scans are necessary...


Image modified from TSA Pictures


    If the US scanners fail after even the TSA can smuggle stuff through, isn't this just a waste of money? Are there reports of this update actually working at all?

      Since when has cost or effectivness come into government decision making?

    More radiation. I wonder whats the safe level of radiation? Oh, NONE! Like the TSA scans as powerful as an xray. i've seen leaked TSA photos that have people standing in the scanners and a person in the background 10m away showing up in the photo. How much xrays are they getting? De-population, welcome to the NWO. Its scary isn't it. And because this message is scary i hope it doesn't get deleted. Its just the truth, isn't that what the news should be.

      The Royal Family are lizards!!!


        Only tinfoil hats can protect us! O_O

          Come on guys, let's not bloody start critisizing other people's opinions. Keep an open mind for sh*t sake!

          His comment contains truthful elements whether you decide to dismiss them or not - x-rays. Whether or not they are used for mass de-population is simply his opinion.

          I think this is bullsh*t. For someone to ultimately get a basic image of where a weapon could be, the original scan will be somewhere in cyberspace. I wonder where it is? Or are they going to play the "we delete all pictures" card again...
          They can't just say "the scanner takes a picture of a person, then turns it into a stick figure". Do they know how stupid that sounds? The original must still be somewhere. Even if they were to pursue a case in a court of law, wouldn't they require original x-rays?

          Not tinfoil hats, only waking up from your sheeple slumber can save you.

        No but they are parasites who have for centuries lived off the population and exerted control, which they still do in more ways than you would think.

    The monitor and pc look really "state of the art"

    Customs Officers wont be using these. Contracted airport security will be.

    being that most of the gate security is male and looks fairly heterosexual i'd be more concerned about them seeing my lady-bits than your man-bits!

      Trust me, they're not smart enough top know the difference.

    Are we going to fold over (or should I say bend over) like the Amricans and let the "authorities" do what they will without bodies or will we say NUF!
    Remember Silence is Compliance.

    Why call your genitals Junk? I know mine are definately not junk. Now where is that tiara.

    Sheeeesus.. We truly are at risk of becoming more like the stupid American sheeple every day..

    As for me, no fly no more!

    And so it Continues, globalization and the move towards depopulation and new world order. hmmm i wonder what other things need to be implemented before people start "waking up" . They wont! because these things happen bit by bit and to small for anyone to notice, soon it will be to late.

      They wont because they think conspiracy theories, even with plenty of facts behind them, are nonsense as you can see evidenced on this site and many others. Sadly the majority of these sheeple actually deserve what is coming for serving themselves up as lambs to the slaughter. Really sad.

    I also exercised my entitlement to view the information booklet. They took quite some time to find the booklet and when they eventually found it I informed them my glasses were packed in my carry on and they would either need to fetch my glasses or read the booklet to me. The manager elected to read the booklet and proceeded to shirk by giving a rough explanation. I refused to proceed until he dictated word for word.

    Once in the scanner I explained to the workers I had a shoulder injury and couldn't lift my arm above the head. This may or may not be true but the officers had told me many falsehoods such as pregnant ladies prefer the body scan so my conscience is clear.

    I was then given the option of a pat down. The male officer tried to do the pat down without gloves and I refused to accept the pat down without gloves.

    If these fascists want to conduct their useless security theatre they should be made to work for it. This has the added benefit of preventing them from "randomly selecting" other passengers while you are exercising your rights.

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