Australia To Get Stick Figure Airport Body Scanners This Year

Australia To Get Stick Figure Airport Body Scanners This Year

Our American cousins are no stranger to having airport officials checking out their junk in a vague attempt at airport security. Full body scanners have been a controversial addition to American airports for both health and privacy reasons. Now Australia’s about to get the same types of scanners, although without the fear of inadequacies raised from having strangers look at your man-bits, thanks to the introduction of stick figure technology. And no, that’s not a euphamism.

According to Tim Barlass at the SMH, the imaging software to be used in the Australian version of the body scanners will simply detect potential threats and show their location, without giving a graphic outline of your man (or woman) bits. And if you scan clean, customs officers won’t even see an outline, but will instead receive a big green “Okay” on their screen. It sounds a lot like the updated scanners the US were starting to roll out last month, which is the picture above.

At this point, it isn’t exactly clear what will happen should you refuse to go through the scanners for health reasons – although it’s likely you’ll end up with a 21st century pat down for your troubles, given the powers that be think these types of scans are necessary…


Image modified from TSA Pictures