Aussie Choir Sings Facebook Status Updates

It's official: more choirs should sing about Facebook status updates and internet memes. Given that the Aussie choir The Australian Voices has taken the tedious, confusing and occasionally hilarious concept of social media and turned it into a classical song, we fully expect all choirs to begin singing about the inanity of the internet in the near future.

For the music nerds, the choir's song, Toy Story 3 = Awesome is a "complex compound quintuple metric pattern", which is sung by the 20-person choir. The Australian Voices’ Artistic Director, Gordon Hamilton, claims that:

“The multiple layers of communication in social networking sites – specifically Facebook – are difficult to portray in song for an individual soloist – however, a 20-voice choir is truly able to reflect the multidimensional character of the medium.”

While that seems like a bit over the top, the video and song itself is still very entertaining. The fact you can buy the song on iTunes is the icing on the LOLcano cake...

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