Attach Tablets To Pretty Much Anything With Vogel's Mounts

Starting off with a case for either an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, you just attach the hockey puck-esque mount into the back, which allows it to be rotated. From there, the mount and tablet can be attached to any number of Vogel's systems.

For $US70 you'll get the standard wall mount (which is a black and aluminium round object) and case, which can actually rotate the tablet in place. The next step up is the car mount, which attaches tablets to headrests for backseat kiddywinks to zone out on cartoons.

The Flex Mount (pictured up above) has an adjustable arm that can swivel and turn the tablet, and might be best suited to kitchens or offices, when you'd want to pull it closer to you.

Vogel also does an adhesive mount for places where you can't drill into the walls, along with the usual table stands and flip stands - though the price of these different models remains unknown. [Vogel via Cnet via DesignBoom]

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