AT&T To Impose Data Caps On DSL, U-Verse Customers Starting May 2

Citing an official confirmation from AT&T rep Seth Bloom, DSLReports is, well, reporting that AT&T will pull the trigger on data caps on heavy users of its U-Verse and DSL offerings, starting May 2.

AU: Although this doesn’t effect Aussies, it’s fascinating to watch the US change their broadband structure to bring it more in line with the Australian method of having a capped data allowance.

DSL users will receive a 150GB cap, while U-verse users will receive a 250GB cap, with penalties imposed after a customer exceeds the limits three times or more. The penalty’s price? $US10 per 50GB over the limit.

Notices will be sent to customers beginning March 18, so, enjoy those.

And as is the case with their wireless updates, U-Verse and DSL customers will receive alerts from AT&T as they approach 65, 90 and 100% of their allowance. [DSLReports]