Archaeologists Claim They've Discovered Atlantis In Southern Spain

Researchers at a site in southern Spain are just the latest to take up the cry: We've discovered the lost city of Atlantis! Location: Southern Spain. Wait, what?

Yes, Spain! The site, a multi-ringed city, was discovered after two years of exploratory experiments and geological surveys, including deep-ground radar, digital mapping and "underwater technology" (most likely sonar, dive cams and submersibles; the Reuters article does not specify).

As the skeptics pour in, lead researcher Richard Freund, of the University of Hartford, points to a series of memorials constructed in central Spain by coastal refugees from an ancient tsunami as further proof this is Atlantis.

Not convinced? Check out "Finding Atlantis" special on the National Geographic Channel later today. All of the team's findings will be presented there in an easily digestible hour-long chunk. [Reuters]


    Is this a face left by an ancient civilisation?,+-6.310616&num=1&t=h&sll=36.954333,-6.311002&sspn=0.009294,0.016458&gl=au&ie=UTF8&safe=on&ll=36.954693,-6.311131&spn=0.009294,0.016458&z=16&iwloc=A

    So they have discovered a thought experiment by one ancient philosopher to another?

    That is pretty amazing, Plato must have put a lot of effort into making his after dinner conversations realistic by building ruins that that lazy Socrates never even had decency to go find.

    Don't insult the Greek philosophers: he was his student, remember? Anyway, Atlantis is real, it's just that we don't have the technology to prove it just yet. In ten years or so, you'll be eating your words. I hope the world will someday be the way Atlantis was; a beautiful, prosperous, eutopic, eudaimonic paradise...

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