Apple Won Legal Battle Against Nokia, But Is Yet To Win The War

The legal fight between Nokia and Apple that began at the end of 2009 has almost been wrapped up, with the judge ruling on Apple's side. That means Apple most likely didn't violate five of Nokia's patents with the iPhone, iPod, iMac; Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, as Nokia suggested.

While the commission will vote on whether the judge's ruling is to be the final verdict in August, the legal fight between the two companies is far from over, as Apple is also counter-suing Nokia for 13 patent infringements.

Meanwhile, Kodak's fight against both Apple and RIM is dragging on also, with a final decision expected in May. Kodak is claiming both the iPhone and BlackBerry have a method of previewing images which infringes on Kodak's patent. [Reuters]

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