Apple Facing Possible iPod Battery Shortages After Japan Quake

While electronics companies have seemingly avoided major issues with component shortages in the wake of the Japan earthquake, Apple may have to deal with a threat from an unexpected source: Kureha Corp, a niche producer of polymers for lithium-ion batteries.

Here's what the Wall Street Journal reports:

Kureha's polymer-made from a resin known as polyvinylidene fluoride, or PVDF-is used as a binder in lithium-ion batteries. Kureha's Iwaki factory has been closed since the quake hit, and the company is unsure as to when it will start up again.

Apple isn't the only company facing potential issues either. Kureha has a 70 per cent market share for this particular polymer, and market researchers expect other companies to face shortages as well. [WSJ via 9to5mac]

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