App For The Morning After Deletes Those Drunken Status Updates

"Let me see... I cracked open that first bottle of wine at 8pm, so knowing the way I drink I was probably sozzled by 8.30. That means I need to delete my social updates from 8.30 last night to this morning."

That's the commentary which would run through my head if I used this "Last Night Never Happened" app, which deletes all activity you made on your Twitter and Facebook profiles, spanning back however many hours you select.

Of course, I'd then probably ruin all the damage-control I'd just made, by tweeting about my ass-kicker of a hangover. But it's fun to wallow on a Sunday night, isn't it! It's not fun to embarrass yourself in front of colleagues, prospective employers and your friend's mum who bizarrely started following you on Twitter the other week, though. Hence why fellow boozehounds should probably cough up the $2.49 this app costs.

Or just leave their iPhones at home when painting the town red. [iTunes via Crave]

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