Ahoy! The Most Magical Pirate Bedroom You've Ever Seen

I dare you to find a cooler father than Steve Kuhl, who built this pirate ship bedroom for his six-year-old son. If this doesn't add value to their Minnesota house, nothing will. Not even a gold-plated Jacuzzi.

With a rope bridge connecting the floating pirate ship with a jail cell, and a rope that drops into the closet, that would already be enough of a playground for any active six year old. But Kuhl went one step further, and actually installed a spiral slide that spans two floors of the house, as you can see in this photo:

The slide propels the slidee into a closet, which pops open and displays its hidden secret. Quite a surprise for any guest who thinks that's where the extra towels (or pirate loot) are hidden! [Kuhl via DailyWhat via MyModernMet via The Best Part via Dudecraft]

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