50% Of People Lose Their Remote In Their Couch

Logitech says that the average living room is home to four remotes which really means you're four times as likely to misplace those pesky do everything controllers. But where oh where do they go? According to a poll conducted by Logitech, these are the most popular places people found their lost remote:

• 49% found the remote in the couch • 8% found it in the bathroom • 8% in a dresser drawer • 4% in the fridge/freezer • 2% have found the remote outside or all the way out in the car

I've found my remote in all those places but one. Come on, seriously? Inside the fridge?! Have you guys ever found your lost remote there? Where else have you guys lost that precious remote? Mine's usually in another room. [Logitech via ZDNet]


    Dog's bed - chewed nicely
    Washing machine - mum had left it in her pocket somehow
    But the most irritating place is next to the TV. Honestly what is the point of a remote if you have to get up and grab it from across the room. I regularly see it with older (read: geriatric) friends/family I help with home theatre setups.

    I have found my TV remote in our mini fridge several times, courtesy of our 2 yr old daughter...!

    I've found it in my hand a few times :)

    On it's actually docking bay, had looked for hours and not realising that where would the one place it should be. What a duffer

    I left mine in my mates xf engine bay it went to darwin and back and when i got it back it still worked!

    Thanks to my young daughter, my mother lost the remote to her television for about a week - only discoveing it when she couldn't play a video, as the television remote and some match box cars had been shoved neatly inside the vhs player!....Poor mum knew where to look for the remote tho when it went missing again...

    Our remote went missing for 2 months last year. Two horrible, getting up from the chair to change channel months. Found it, in the bottom of a rolled up sleeping bag...apparently one of the kids had a late night, and slept in the bag on the couch....they won't be doing that again!

    Nearly took out our sony all in one when i discovered it had found its way to the shed, placed perfectly under my drop saw im yet still surprised it wasnt turned into a seen from SAW haha

    i am constantly finding them in my handbag!! *sigh* "well some are the same size as my phone!!.. which reminds me i must stop trying to use my mobile phone as my computer mouse!!! Done that a MILLION times too!!! lol

    Was sitting on top of my books and gear so I ended up putting it in my bag and took it to uni with me.

    I have a bad habit of forgetting to take the remote out of my wheelchair before I go out. This has ultimately meant I have lost them in my day to day travels in the community whoops !! Sometimes I am lucky as the remote will have survived the trip. Hmmm, that reminds me, where is that remote LOL

    After months of driving the entire family insane, my mum finally found her remote packed up with the xmas decorations.....(the day after my brother bought her a new one....)

    We found ours out in the backyard, inside our childrens' VERY makeshift cubby house made of a plastic Batman fort, my best bathtowels and some spare wood from the side of the house (replete with nasty big splinters!). Of course, it had rained that day and their cubby skills, while admirable, were not particularly sound or water resistant :(

    In the Laundry Basket, out side in the Garden.

    Hahaha A few days after my sister went home to beautiful British Cloumbia, Canada, I was beyond myself trying to find the remote. I had turned the couches and chairs inside out. I had moved cabinets and dressers, beds and yes, the fridge, the stove and no luck. My darling sister called to let me know she made it home safely and that she had a great laugh at the airport when the security wanted to know why she was carrying a remote control while she was travelling. She then asked if I had her cell phone.

    i found mine in the laundry where housemate was looking for replacement batteries for it

    After looking for most of a week it was in the 3yr olds bed.His batteries had gone flat so he thought,If it works on my entertainment system,then surely it must work on his TV.He is now convinced I have rorted him by buying him a cheapo TV/DVD setup for his room.Changed his mind when I suggested getting rid of it for him.LOL.

    best one ive heard is when a mate took his remote to the pub thinking it was his mobile phone.

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