12 Defunct Hospitals For Your Next Slasher Flick

Though once proud centres of healing and rehabilitation, these derelict hospitals now more resemble a set from the latest Hostel. Check out all the creeptastic shots from our friends at Oobject.com.

Crumbling hospitals are archetypal places of creepiness, because they are ironic. An hospital is a place that is supposed to be clean, from bedding to bathing to surgery and this has been exploited for dramatic effect in films from Jacob's Ladder to 12 Monkeys and the more recent Shutter Island. Abandoned hospitals are also a popular destination for urban explorers, so here I've picked the best examples I could find from records of their adventures on Flickr. But continue to have a look there for some other great shots.

The set pieces are where a few pieces of furniture and medical equipment remain in a decaying room, to the extent that some of these are obviously staged from found objects, but they're no less impressive.

Military hospital, Antwerp

Beelitz-Heilsatten Operating Theatre

Cane Hill Asylum

Abandoned Chicago Hospital

Abandoned German hospital

The operating theatre, hospital Gotha

Greystone Psychiatric Hospital NJ

Abandoned hospital, Italy

Lincoln County Hospital

Abandoned psychiatric hospital, Pistola

Spring Grove Hospital

West Park Hospital

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