You Can Now Finally Get A DAB+ Integrated Car Radio In Australia

DAB+ has been around for about 18 months now in Australia, but to date there has been precious few ways to listen to that crystal clear digital broadcast in your car, and the options that have been available have all been external units, not a cleanly installed DIN solution. Crystal Digital Audio have finally broken the integrated DAB+ in-car drought, with their EDB410BT head unit.

As well as offering a DAB+ tuner, the unit also includes FM, AM, CD, MP3, SD card and iPod USB control in a single DIN space. There's also a remote control, steering wheel controls and Bluetooth handsfree.

The unit itself costs $299, although you'll need to add installation to that cost. If you're a big DAB+ fan, that's not an unreasonable price to pay. You can pick one up through CAM or Autobarn stores around the country.


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