Wrap-a-Nap Puts Ideal Nap Conditions In A Single Headband

Their website puts it simply: "Pillow. Blindfold. Earmuff. $US14.99." And when you think about it, what do you need besides some comfort, some darkness and a little quiet to achieve naptime. Even sitting on the can at work.

Yes OK this thing look ridiculous. But the Wright Brothers probably looked ridiculous back before anyone knew what planes were, too. And if you're a frequent passenger an invention of theirs today, the Wrap-a-Nap looks like a hell of a way to get comfortable in that window seat you're pinned in.

It's cushy like a pillow, isolating like ear muffs, and blocks out light like a blindfold. So I guess it's also good if you want to take someone to your secret hideout without them knowing where it's located. But don't blame them if they get sleepy on the way. Available in several colours for $US15. [Wrap-a-Nap]

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