What Happens When You Give An Artist 1000kg Of Salt And 5 Days?

This photo shows what Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto created out of1000kg of salt over the course of five days. At first glance it seems like he didn't actually make anything, but look closer and you'll something lovely.

That's right. Yamamoto turned the whole messy salt pile into an incredible and intricate maze:

He made it—as he makes all these installations—by sprinkling salt on the floor through a plastic bottle used for machine oil, starting at the back of the tunnel, then moving forward to avoid stepping on the designs he's already drawn. The whole thing took 50 hours over the course of five days and a whopping 2,200 pounds of salt.

Amazing, no? Now can someone please hand me a few pieces of chalk and give me a week or so? I want to solve this thing. [Co.Design]

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