TSA Harasses 9-yo Boy And Other Train Passengers After Their Trip

After going down in a spiral of paranoid stupidity—called out for saving body scan images, ridiculed for patting down an almost-naked woman or nailed for harrassing a kid at airport security—the TSA has reached a new low. It's surreal.

Here's what a traveler recorded on February 13, after his train trip to Savannah:

The only bad thing on our trip was [the]TSA at the Savannah train station. There were about 14 agents pulling people inside the building and coralling everyone in a roped area after you got off the train. This made no sense! Poor family in front of us! 9-year old getting patted down and wanded. They groped our people too and were very unprofessional. I am all about security, but when have you ever been harassed and felt up getting off a plane? Shouldn't they be doing that getting on? And they wonder why so many people are mad at them.

Indeed, this doesn't make sense at all. Why search people after the train trip? What's the logic here? Did the TSA got an alert that dangerous 9-year-old terrorists were coming in a train to Savannah? Perhaps it was TSA Surprise Training Time? Or maybe it was TSA Let's Piss Off People Day again?

We will never know, but it doesn't matter at this point. Just, keep up the great work, TSA. You are winning American's heart one unnecessary pat down at a time!


    Yep, America home of the free my shinny butt.
    Of all the Western Democracies, The US would have to be the least free. Unreal,,,

    I don't like the TSA as much as anyone else, but you can't just give kids a free pass.

    It's precisely because of people taking it easy on kids that shit gets smuggled through. Drug mules often bring along kids and stuff drugs within toys or books because authorities aren't as strict on them.

      What? You are correct that kids could be used. However, the TSA job is not drug enforcement. They ensure Transportation Security. It is hard to comprehend how patting down passages getting of a train helps transportation security.

      Hey, Steve, Alfred McCoy's, Politics of Heroin In SE Asia. You might sing a different tune after reading it.

      I sure hope that was tongue in cheek, Steve...
      T&A is supposed to be protecting passengers from hijacking, etc. Why are they groping passengers AFTER they get off a train?

    The TSA is not the DEA! Furthermore, it is unconstitutional to search anybody without a warrant or probable cause. This is just another fascist insult against the public by the empire.

    I like the restaurant owner at an airport in the USA. He has banned all TSA agents from eating in his place. Has even got the police to escort them out of there.

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