Touchpad Is HP’s 10-inch WebOS Tablet

Touchpad Is HP’s 10-inch WebOS Tablet

The TouchPad is 0.7kg, 13.7 mm thick, measures 9.7inches (1024×768), a 1.3MP webcam, video calling and HP’s Beats branding. Specs are pretty similar to the iPad. Other stats:

802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooht, 16 or 32GB, and twice the memory of Pre 2 (1GB, I believe.) Also, a 1.2GHz dual core processor. (Or, rather, 2.4GHz if you measure both cores.)

Here’s how webOS works on a tablet. The cards are still there, representing open applications. You close apps the same way you do on webOS phones, by flicking them off the screen.

Synergy also syncs your info from your webOS phone and the Touchpad tablet.


The interface definitely looks like a blown-up webOS, with the dock at the bottom, cards for multitasking and their notification/status bar on the top.

There are also accessories like a Touchpad stand and a Bluetooth keyboard. The dock also charges via Touchstone, their wireless charging dock (which charges even inside the case).

The Touchpad also syncs with your Pre 3 in that they share text messages and phone calls over Bluetooth, so you don’t need to dig out your phone if you’re on your tablet.

Using apps is the same as on older Palm phones. You launch apps using the dock on the bottom or using the app launcher screen.

Emailing supports multiple accounts, of course, and looks very similar to email on the iPad. The left side gives you the list of messages, and the right side is the actual message. You can also slide everything over, giving you the ability to select between accounts.

HP is also emphasising the fact that the TouchPad supports Flash. FLASH.

Notifications are unobtrusive, because they pop up on the top right notification bar, and you can dismiss each one by swiping them off to their side. If you actually want to deal with a notification, you can tap in and open the proper application.

Cool keyboard option: There are four different sizes, from S to XL, depending on how large your fingers are, which is pretty great for personalisation. Typing is one of the worst things on tablets. Also good is the inclusion of the number keys on the keyboard.

TouchPad also includes social networking inside their photos app, like Facebook. And you can print from the tablet to network printers on your home network. You can also view and respond to Facebook comments from inside your photo as well (if you had uploaded it to Facebook).

The TouchPad is going to have magazines and newspapers, such as Sports Illustrated.

And, of course, a Kindle app.

Palm’s also demonstrating a Skype call from a Pre 3 to a TouchPad.

Also good, sending web pages that you’re currently looking at on the TouchPad to the Pre 3, so you can pick up where you left off.

TouchPad launches around mid-2011, but there’s no price yet.

Qualcomm’s CEO just spent 10 minutes talking about how awesome they think their processors are for mobile devices.