These Trees Are Hiding Something

These Trees Are Hiding Something

They may seems like another ordinary part of an everyday landscape. But these trees are special. Because they’re not trees at all. They’re cell towers in disguise.

The concept of hiding cell towers as local flora isn’t especially new (we’ve covered less sophisticated models here before). But these particular images come from the lens of German photographer Robert Voit, who’s made it his business to catalogue the impostors since 2003. As he told PopPhoto:

“I was working on a project about the Christmas season, and I was searching the Internet for production facilities for [fake]Christmas trees,” Voit recalls. “I had in my mind an overview of a plastic forest in one of those plants. But when I came across a picture of a mobile-phone tree online, I immediately left everything behind! I refocused and it turned into another story.”


Since then, Voit’s travelled the world with his Linhof 4×5 and Deardorff 8×10 cameras. Some of his subjects are hideous, some beautiful, and the most successful – like this cactus tower in Scottsdale, Arizona – are perfectly attuned to their surroundings.

Head over here for the full gallery, and keep an eye out for suspicious trunks.