The Shirt That Makes You Look Kinda Look Like Ironman

Sensors in a t-shirt – now there’s a novel idea. The 'Under Armour E39 compression shirt' is made from a mix of regular nylon and elastacine, which dosn’t sound very cool, until you attach the removable sensor pack to the t-shirt, which screams ‘I am a massive geek!’.

According to Wired, the sensor pack contains a ‘triaxial accelerometer, a processor and 2GB of storage which can be sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Wired also notes that "the triaxial accelerometer inside the sensor pack measures acceleration and change of direction. It breaks down an athlete’s movements along a sagittal plane, which is a vertical plane passing from front to rear that divides the body into left and right sections. It provides a glimpse at how each side of the body is moving in sync — or out of sync — with the other during a sprint, for example."

Unfortunately, the company has no plans to sell the sensor equipped t-shirts outside of professional and college playing sports. For now, we'll just have to be content with the wonders of ‘Vibration dampening compression’ and ‘Contrast mesh ventilation zones’ available for $69, or otherwise known as ‘really tight elastic’.

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