The Only Folding Credit Card Knife I Want In My Wallet

This certainly isn't the first folding credit card-sized knife we've seen - my friend and colleague Brian Barrett just came across an affordable $US25 model recently - though this decidedly intimidating carbon fibre blade is definitely the one I'd rather have in my pocket.

The Creditor, as its called, was designed by knife-maker John Kubasek and recently won an award for Most Innovative Knife Design. It's made of carbon fibre, D2 tool steel and titanium, and weighs just 40 grams. It has a detachable money clip - with the clip, it's the thickness of three credit cards; without it, it's as thick as just one. And just look at the thing. It's like a shark had sex with the Predator and their baby happened to be a folding blade the size of a Barnes and Noble gift certificate. Barrett doesn't stand a chance. [Carbon fibre Gear via Not Cot]

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