Telstra Launching 4G LTE Network This Year

Despite having the best HSPA network in the world, Telstra has just announced that it plans on taking it up a notch and going 4G, launching an LTE network in capital cities and certain regional hubs around the country using the 1800MHz spectrum.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Telstra top dog Davd Thodey announced the plan, which is designed to help cater to the increased demand for mobile data around city areas. The new network won't be replacing the HSPA NextG network, but working alongside it. Telstra's first LTE product - a Sierra Wireless USB wireless dongle - will actually work on both the LTE 1800MHz spectrum and NextG's 850MHz band.

There's no figures on the new LTE network's speed yet, with a Telstra spokesperson confirming that it's more about adding capacity rather than speed, but given that a trial last year had downloads at almost 150Mbps, you can expect it to be pretty fast. There's also no word on whether Telstra will be launching any exciting new 4G mobiles for the new network.

But given that Telstra are already running a HSPA network faster than many of the "4G" networks around the world, the fact they are continuing to develop and expand their network is great news for mobile users around the country.




    This is no big surprise, and not half as exciting as it is for those people migrating to 4G phones/modems in the US, as they are used to crappy overloaded HSPA networks (and T-Mobile even calls it's HSPA+ network "4G" when we already have that with Telstra). As the story points out, we already get very good speed and reliability with Telstra, so I don't think LTE is going to matter much here until the iPhone makes the inevitable jump in the US.

    Still if this means higher download speeds (and hopefully higher data allowances to go with it) at a similar price, then I'm all for it. Particularly if it means we get some of the cool upcoming 4G phones the US are enjoying, like the Motorola Atrix.

    LTE is not 4G, it's 3G (or 3.9G). LTE Advanced is the 4G standard.

      Yes, LTE-Advanced1 is one of the two approved ITU standards for IMT-Advanced (4G), the other being WirelessMAN-Advanced2.
      Note, however, that any version above version 10 of LTE is considered to meet the requirement of LTE-Advanced1.
      Telstra would not be flaunting 4G, if it was not meeting the requirement, because we know that the other Telcos would be questioning the validity rather forthrightly.

    That seals it, Telstra gets my next phone contract... As long as they have decent data quotas to back it up.

      Good luck finding a suitable phone. I'm not aware of anything that'll do LTE on 1800MHz yet. The few that are out only do Verizon's 700MHz (paired with CDMA, not GSM/UMTS).

      And good luck finding "decent" data quotas from the Thieves...

    the 150 mbps were probably tested in a lab with only one connection, get into real life with interference and multiple connections then expect much slower speeds, the max advertised speed is only under the best case scenario.

      Arguably the carrier with the best network in the world wouldn't know how to test to see if LTE is feasible right....Jesus just can't please some people.

    Telstra chief executive David Thodey claimed the wireless network could deliver speeds of up to 42 megabits per second in "some areas".

    thats not 4g my friend. 4g is 1gps for a pedestrian or 100mbs for a train or car

      Not yet it isn't. Existing 4G standards don't even come close to that.

      Expect around 100Mbps for mobile users, with future upgrades allowing up to 1Gbps for fixed users.

    I use Telstra only for mobile data (pre-paid micro sim for my iPad) am am very very happy with the speed and coverage. Admittedly my point of comparison is a very shitty Vodafone network via my iPhone. So long as Telstra release a personal hotspot device using LTE I'll be in.

      I'm looking forward to go onto 4g lte on telstra but i'm more interstred when the bigpond 4g lte dongle comes out and to that guy that is on vodafone if you have problems with coverage call the tio 1800 062 058 but call vodafone first and get the reps id number everytime you call them and say you don't get coverage inside the house or apartment even if get a full signal outside after a few calls to the tio even if you are on a 24 month contract and then you will get a call from the provider and they say you can port your phone number but you will have to pay the hand set outright and if the iphone is locked they will unlock the iphone then goto telstra like the ipad. i'm looking forward to be on 4g lte with telstra 1.8 ghz but i would like to see the 700 mhz come on earlyer and get the analog tv switched off early but most major capital city should come on early because all tv stations are vhf except sbs digital and analog and they could switch off now because you can get settop boxes from about $40.00.

    Surprise surprise, Turnbull's used Telstra's announcement to make the NBN redundant

    as long as david thooley keeps on working to wipe out sols (terrible) legacy at telstra, this is GREAT news!

      NextG IS Sol's legacy.

    The Atrix doesn't have LTE, so won't work with this. The Bionic does, but it has CDMA and not GSM. So no luck there. Although apparently Telstra indicated that they would be releasing dual HPSA/LTE handsets late 2011.

    Very interesting. Now let's just hope the other carriers get on board, to make LTE competitive. Considering Telstra's current pricing... I think their LTE plans will do more than destroy my wallet.

    LTE on 1800 MHz wont be grate as in 700 MHz, so Aussi you wait till 2014 to get decent speed

    It would be nice if Telstra stopped just catering for the cities and started assisting rural/regional areas that have access to NOTHING.

    I want LTE for my mobile phone and I want to be able to select a Data cap on this sevice - ie when i reach my data limit this service is slowed and is free.

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