Telstra Hearts Gizmodo (We Have Proof)

Telstra Hearts Gizmodo (We Have Proof)

 title=To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Telstra is letting customers post messages of love to the gigantic LED billboard on their Bourke Street store in Melbourne. To show us how it works, Telstra finally admitted their love for us in public.

Each message stays on screen for about 15 seconds, so it’s pretty clear they don’t love us passionately (or maybe they love us a little too passionately), but part of the deal is that Telstra will send you an MMS mock up of what the sign looks like when you text them your Valentine’s message, which is what you see in the image above. It’s probably a bit much to expect live photos of each message every 15 seconds, I guess.

Now, the difficult part is to somehow tell Telstra that we like them a lot as a friend, but don’t quite love them…

If you want to post your own message, instructions are on Telstra Exchange Blog.

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