Telstra Blurts Words Onto Your Facebook Wall

Telstra are trying to enhance their social networking credentials, launching a new service for Facebook called Blurtl that lets you record 30 second audio clips and either post it to your status update or share it on a friend’s wall.

The service requires you to head to Telstra’s Facebook page to activate the app – with the usual condition of allowing access to your information – and then make a phone call to a dedicated number (0458 258 785) from your mobile phone. After you record your message, it will appear on your status update.

Naturally, the phone call you make to record the message isn’t free, although Telstra does say that standard call charges apply, so it shouldn’t be too expensive. The catch is that each Blurtl also acts as a de facto ad space for Telstra. Still, it’s interesting to watch how the Telcos move further and further into the social media space, creating their own services like this to try and take advantage of the growth of Facebook.