Spanish Convent Gives Facebook Savvy Nun The Boot

Spanish Convent Gives Facebook Savvy Nun The Boot

I was hitting Command-R for the eightieth time this afternoon on Facebook when I stumbled across this story about a Spanish nun who was expelled from her order for spending too much time on Facebook. That’s ridiculous! Dislike!

It’s ridiculous, because from the sounds of things, Maria Jesus Galan’s sisters at the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo, Spain were simply jealous of her 600 Facebook friends and overall computer savviness.

You see, in addition to her hundreds of Face-friends, Galan also used the convent’s single computer to digitise records and do some online banking. Apparently this is too high tech for the Luddites with whom she shared her space, and she was asked to leave.

The convent has yet to respond to media requests related to the dismissal. The only reason given by the sisterhood thus far was that all the Facebookin’ made Galan “impossible to live with.” Perhaps she had a photo tagging problem? Is there a Nunville Zynga app I’m not aware of?

Anyway. Galan, for her part, now lives with her mother and, one would hope, a high speed Internet line. Verizon FiOS, perhaps. Or is that PiOUS? [CNET]