Sony's Streaming Music Service Misses The Service Part

Sony's mumble-mouthed "Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity" has arrived in the US today, streaming all the music you can handle, whenever you want, wherever you want - as long as you don't want it on your smartphone. That seems poorly thought out!

The service costs $US10/month, comparable to what you might expect to pay with Rhapsody or other streaming music services that enable you to listen on the go. Which is pretty much the main point of a streaming music service. But while Sony's planning to introduce a mobile component at some point, MUpbQ will be primarily driven through PS3s.

I can understand, to some degree, why you won't find MUpbQ on iOS; Sony's already said they'd like to divorce themselves from that environment, and Apple taking 30 per cent off the top for subscription services surely didn't help matters. But do you really expect me to pay more for less just because of a brand name? I'm sorry, MUpbQ. I'm going to stick with the people who've been doing it right all along. [All Things D]

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