Some Kogan LivePrice Items Getting Cheaper Over Time

Some Kogan LivePrice Items Getting Cheaper Over Time
Last week, Kogan’s Liveprice system – where customers can buy goods before they’re made at a discounted price – went live in Australia and made a heap of money in just 24 hours. But yesterday, Gus from Lifehacker noticed something odd… some of the products had gotten cheaper over the first week.

Turns out that those products were the really popular ones, and according to Kogan, had sold out in their first production run. The cheaper price is a result of the whole process starting again.

Gus singles out two products that have gotten cheaper over the course of the week – the HD camcorder and a 32-inch LED TV. The camera is now selling for $249.50, compared to the $290 it was selling before the first run sold out.

Which means that the best savings aren’t necessarily made in the initial batch of products. Sure, you may have to wait even longer for your product to be shipped (Like April for the second camcorder run), but the savings are a bit more significant.