Simplenote For iPhone

Simplenote For iPhone

There are apps you enjoy and there are apps you rely on. For many of us at Giz, Simplenote is the latter. Clean, quick, flawlessly synced notes, on any device you happen to be using.

What is it?

Simplenote, free, iPhone, iPad and web. In many ways, a good app is a simple app. One that knows its job, does it exceedingly well, and doesn’t distact you by doing anything else. Simplenote is that app for note taking. Shopping list? To do list? Blog post? Reminder? Whatever. Simplenote gives you a blank screen on which to write it. Or an appropriate note to add it to. It’s simple, but it can be used in countless ways. And best of all it keeps things perfectly in sync—open up the Simplenote iPad app or the website on your computer and all your notes will be there, just like you left them.

Version 3.0, which just came out, adds some excellent new features: a list view, where separate lines become draggable items; and a clever sharing scheme that lets you share lists with other Simplenote users (or by email if they don’t have the app) just by adding their Address Book name as a tag.

The app’s free with ads, but you can pay a premium fee to get rid of ’em.

Who’s it good for?

Any person who writes things down and owns an iPhone.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

Its vision is as pure as driven snow and its execution is reliably flawless.

How could it be even better?

If someone used it to tap out an actionable plan for world peace.

Simplenote, iPhone [iTunes]

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