Samsung Reboots With Super-Thin, Super Sharp Galaxy S II

Samsung Reboots With Super-Thin, Super Sharp Galaxy S II

Not that this is any surprise given the massive leak of photos and impressions that preceeded today’s big Mobile World Congress event, but Samsung has officially pulled the trigger on an impressive reboot of the Galaxy S.

The unsurprisingly named Galaxy S II arrives in a thinner form factor that its predecessor at about 8.49mm thick. The thin shell hosts a large, crisp AMOLED Plus display, measuring 4.27 inches (800×480).

As for the insides, earlier reports that Samsung had opted for an NVIDIA Tegra 2 core turned out to be incorrect. Instead, they’re reportedly going with their own Exynos chip, which is slated to go into production next month.

Software-wise you’ll be seeing Samsung’s preferred TouchWiz 4.0 stacked on top of Gingerbread. A download option using a new Game Hub feature will purportedly allow users to bypass the Android Marketplace’s app size-restrictions, although that has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Expect more information on this smartphone, Samsung tablet news and a full hands-on as our own Kat Hannaford reports from the MWC throughout the day. [Engadget, Image: BGR]