Samsung Prepping 10-inch Galaxy Tab For Weekend Debut?

The 7-inch Galaxy Tab didn't do Samsung any favours. And if this Pocket-Lint report is accurate, the remedy will come in the form of a 10-inch, Honeycomb-sporting Tab that the company will show off as early as Sunday.

It makes sense that Samsung would want a 10-inch Android tablet at some point, since its biggest competitors - the Motorola Xoom, specifically - are headed in that direction. And the kickoff of Mobile World Congress would be as good a time as for the company to make its intentions known.

The rumoured tablet will be thinner and lighter than its dwarven predecessor, says Pocket Lint, with dual-core Qualcomm guts, 8MP camera, and will be available in black. There's no mention of price and timing, but if they can bring a snappier 10-inch Honeycomb tablet in for anywhere close to what they charge for the current Tab, Samsung should have an instant contender on its hands. Assuming that slate exists. [Pocket-Lint]

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