Samsung Galaxy S II And 10-inch Galaxy Tab II Details Leak

Looks like Samsung is announcing the the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab II at Mobile World Congress this week. The Galaxy S II is expected to rock a 4.3-inch 800 x 480 Super AMOLED Plus display, and 1GHz dual-core processor with NFC, Bluetooth 3.0, and 24Mbps HSPA+. The Galaxy Tab II is going to be 10-inches (nice!) and spec'd similarly to the Motorola Xoom. What's most interesting about this Tab II is that it'll be a Google Experience Device, meaning this could be a good one (and not a pocketable train wreck) . [Engadget]


    does that mean updates direct from google, and not from samsung?

    if so, i'm on board.

    No surprises on the deisgn, the ripped the iPhone 3G/S for the current Galaxy and they've now ripped the iPhone 4 for the Galaxy II.
    How about you get an original idea Samsung??

      Samsung can't get an original idea because that would mean they would have to spend time researching and developing new ideas as well as doing some market research. Much easier just to copy Apple...less expensive too.

      its almost as if they're genuinely trying to trick the average consumer into thinking the galaxy s is an iphone 4.

      Ahh the interface is completly different to anything apple has, or ever will have... i mean, a 5x4 tile system with 4 main icons down the bottom, now that is just boring - look at the image again, the only thing that is the same is that there are 4 icons down the bottom - which EVERY smartphone has these days.

      In terms of the physcial design, well it isnt hard to come up with a similar design - considering the iPhone 4 stole it from the HD2....

        FYI Iphone for yo not in the know is internal workings samsung, so that is why they can do what they do, they designed the Iphone so they have the rights to use similar design with same internals lol to any1 who bought an Iphone due to the limitations apple put in it.

    Well aesthetically it's a total failure. As others have said, it's just a direct copy of the 4thgen Apple phone, and that's bad. Apple goes for a bland interpretation of 70's era modernist minimalism, the last thing we need are copies of someone ELSE'S retro design pastiche!

    Samsung IS better than that.

    Ahh Apple fan boys, you are all so predictable.

      But they're all so correct in their assumptions based on a photo!

      And Samsung totally stole the concept of swype technology from apple... even though it hasn't appeared on any of their devices ever... but Samsung MUST have stolen it because they are incapable of original thought apparently.

    At andrada - mate you don't even know what you're talking about! At first place You're saying that they stole the concept of swype and then you say they must have stolen. It shows that you're assuming things. So stop jumping on conclusions or false assumptions when you don't have the relevant facts and figures!

      Sarcasm. Its a wonderful thing, look it up.

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