Pictures Of Julian Assange’s Famous Leaky Condom Leaked

Pictures Of Julian Assange’s Famous Leaky Condom Leaked

The Swedish rape and sexual molestation investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hinges in part on a broken condom. Did Assange tear it on purpose? Pictures of that fateful condom have now been leaked, along with the entire police report.

Here are pictures of the split condom that started Nobel Peace Prize nominee Julian Assange’s legal troubles, for which he is currently under house arrest fighting extradition to Sweden. [Click to enlarge]

One of Assange’s two accusers, leftist activist Anna Ardin, claims he initially refused to wear the condom, then deliberately ripped it during sex after reluctantly agreeing to use it. (She also says he roughly held her down and tore her clothes.) After the encounter, Ardin saved the condom and turned it over to the police, who performed forensic analysis on it.

According to the analysis, “small scratches were observed in a few areas close to the split edge”. However, the damage showed “no trace of what could be assigned to tools”. Also, investigators did not find the words “Official CIA Trick Condom” on the condom anywhere.

These photos are part of a 100-page Swedish police report on the Assange case, including uncensored interviews and investigators’ notes, which was originally posted anonymously to a file-sharing site. Among the new revelations is that Julian Assange doesn’t flush the toilet. But the documents vanished soon after a Wired post about the report went live this evening. Luckily we saved a copy! Maybe we’ll leak it to WikiLeaks.