Pennant For iPad

Pennant For iPad

Pennant is the most beautifistastic way to re-live past baseball seasons. There’s so much baseball information presented in such a g-g-g-gorgeous way that I’m crying tears of joy, rainbows and Willie Mays.

What is it?

Pennant, Free, iPad. It’s the history of baseball in numbers but waay prettier than you’d expect. And as baseball is such a numbers based game, it’s a legitimately thorough history of America’s past time. Think of the box scores baseball purists cherish so much and then think of great design and then mash it together.

Every at bat of every game of every baseball season since 1950 is detailed in Pennant. You can see each teams’ history, or performance against other teams, or game results or even replay a game in a snazzy timeline format. Baseball geeks, like myself, drool over stuff like this.

Who’s it good for?

Baseball fans, for the most part, but people who like twiddling with interesting design components will enjoy it too.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

Simply put, baseball has never been presented like this before. The sweeping cards, the lovely graphs, the delicious shapes, it’s the core of baseball information presented in an infinitely more inventive way. I could literally lose hours to this, catching up on past Dodger seasons and seeing the lineups used, drawing fond memories off great games and quickly swiping past bad memories. Thanks to the layers of information and breathtaking design, if you’re a baseball fan with an iPad, you have to get this app.

How could it be even better?

Pennant grabs all its information from the interwebs so it’d be nice if you could use Pennant when you were offline (that’s admittedly a smorgasbord of info though). The graphics though purrty could be a little bit crisper. More advanced stats would be awesome. And lastly, navigating around the app is different and fun but also a little confusing since there’s so many options. If the developer wanted to put out a basketball and football version, I wouldn’t complain either.

Pennant, iPad [iTunes]

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