NFL Teams Want To Make The iPad Their Playbook Of The Future

If Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry still coached NFL teams, they'd probably scoff at the idea of using an iPad as their playbook, even if it saved a truckload of paper. Thankfully, today's teams are more willing to embrace technology.

According to Cnet, Dallas Cowboys' director of technology Pete Walsh is pushing the team to start using iPads as playbooks, which would save about 5000 sheets of paper used each game for printouts. In addition, information could be sent and viewed quicker using the tablet instead of paper.

Walsh said that a few other teams besides the Cowboys are also considering doing the same, but at the moment, they don't feel the the iPad is secure enough to meet league standards for this sort of implementations. As a result, the use of Android tablets are still being considered. [Cnet]

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