Nerf's Newest Dart Tag Guns Are The Best Way To Shoot Your Friends

Nerf guns battles - yes, shut up, you're not too mature for one - are really sort of a pain in the arse. The darts go everywhere, inevitably lost. Bummer! But Nerf's newest let you stick a barrage of velcro bullets.

The Velcro tips mean you can play a sort of watered down version of paintball - not exactly the face-pounding, bruise-inducing hardcore experience you'd normally get, but still! It looks like it could make for a fun time, if you don't mind the dorky OFFICIAL NERF DART TAG VEST.

Nerf's new dart tag lineup - due in the (northern) spring - include two pretty killer models. The full-auto, battery-powered Swarmfire launches 20 darts in snappy succession, and with pretty sharp accuracy. Its little pump action cousin might make you feel like a little less of a cheater - requiring a satisfying tug before firing. The awesomeness of full-auto anything is still pretty undeniable, though. The line is rounded out with with small, lightweight pistols - but really, the two big boys are the stars.

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