Mr Fox Found Living Fantastically On 72nd Floor Of Europe's Tallest Building

While it's still being built, London's Shard building has already stolen the prize for being Britain's tallest building. And what better place for a fox with illusions of grandeur, than the 80th floor?

The fox has since been captured and released on the streets of London (which, theoretically, are his home), but I'm sure he'll never forget his daring climb up the 288m building. Nor the tasty scraps which he feasted on whilst up there, left behind by builders.

Not due for completion until mid-2012, the Shard will become Europe's tallest building, and the world's 45th tallest. It doesn't have many more meters to go until it hits its target height of 309m—maybe that'd make for a nice home for an antelope? Mongoose? [BBC]

Image Credits: Fox, PA. The Shard, George Rex Photography

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