Massachusetts City Goes All-In For Steampunk

Waltham, also known as the Watch City, "Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution," and "a place where I've lived" is getting a steampunk makeover. Like, the whole town!

Here's the deal:

From May 6-8, Waltham will play host to the International Steampunk City festival, which will serve as an ambitious city-wide fundraiser for the Charles River Museum of Industry. Scheduled events include special offers at local restaurants (there are quite a few), steampunk cinema screenings at the Embassy theatre off the locally famous Moody Street, and steamy performances that will no doubt be conducted in the city's lush public park. Fingers cross for an ornithopter sighting!

The current info site is a placeholder, with more information (including food, screening schedule and more) arriving closer to steampunk touchdown in May. Sadly for me, I'll be on a flying machine making my way to Chicago at the time and won't be able to see what these zany steampunks have planned for my fair city. [Steampunk City via Boing Boing]

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