Make Your Own RFID Poker Table With A DIY Kit

Make Your Own RFID Poker Table With A DIY Kit
We’ve been following Andrew Milner’s experimentations with high-tech poker tables closely over the past few years, and his latest development is the most exciting yet. Milner has created a DIY kit for a video RFID poker table, so anyone can create an awesome geeky poker experience.

The kit, which is completely customisable to a potential owners needs, offers all the basic stuff needed to create an RFID poker table, including RFID playing cards, the table electronics, the custom software that makes it possible and detailed instructions on how to set it up.

We asked Andrew why he decided to offer the DIY kit instead of just selling completed tables: “I created a DIY kit so I can focus on what I do best – hardware and software development. The kit format also keeps costs to a minimum – it means that a customer can spend $500 or $5,000 on their table depending upon individual tastes. Plus of course shipping furniture from Australia overseas is incredibly expensive” Milner told us over email.

Since the original RFID Poker table prototype back in 2008, there have been some significant refinements, as Milner explained. “Today’s kit is almost unrecognizable from the original prototype I built in 2008. The original table cost around $7,000, whereas a full kit today costs only around $1,600. All the components are super slim so they fit into the form factor of a standard table. The biggest improvements though are in the software – it’s a fully featured video production environment, with highly customizable graphics and post produciton editing capabilities.”

But how much does the kit cost? According to Milner, a 10 seat kit costs “around $1,600”, which is a huge reduction over the $7,000 the prototype cost three years ago.

And as for the Virtual touchscreen poker table we saw back in 2009? “I am still working on the Virtual Table and expect to have a slimmer, lighter and cheaper version out in a few months.”

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