Mac OS X Trojan Could Be Used by Criminals

Mac OS X Trojan Could Be Used by Criminals

For once, it’s not just PC users who may have to worry about the threat of Malware. Security firm Sophos have said that a ‘bare-bones’, proof of concept malware code that targets Mac OS X users has been making waves on a number of online hacking forums recently.

Given that the exploit is not a fully functioning trojan yet, but simple a workable concept, Sophos researchers fear it could easily fall into the wrong hands and be used by criminals to exploit Mac users who fail to take online safety precautions.

SophosLabs say the Mac OS X Trojan is a variant of the Remote Access Trojan (RAT) program. A video tutorial explaining how RAT works can be found below:

Given the growing popularity of the Mac platform and the emergence of all things Apple, it’s no wonder criminals are looking for the next big thing to target. Sophos reports that the virus could:

“…be dropped by a vulnerability in your browser, plugins and other applications.”

If you’re a Mac OS X user, you can at least protect yourself by getting informed with updates from Sophos on the nature of the threat here.

[via Sophos]