Mac OS X Lion Migration Assistant Makes PC To Mac Move Easier

PC owners jonesing for the new MacBook Pros (or any future Mac, we suppose) would do well to take a quick look at what's coming down the pipeline with Mac OS X Lion. Mainly Migration Assistant's PC-to-Mac transfer improvements.

As I can attest, Migration Assistant was handy in a pinch when I bought my MacBook Air. After a few clicks here and a password there, the old machine (MacBook, cracked white case, faulty screen) was coughing up the goods to the new one (the Air), all over my apartment's wifi network. It took a while, sure, but my input was largely minimal and pain free.

Now, it would seem, similar functionality is coming for PC users looking to make the switch to Mac, all courtesy of OS X Lion and a MigrationAssistantSetup.exe program that will act as a client for Migration Assistant, from which it will pull your files and other data as it completes the transfer. [AppleInsider]

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