Lifehacker Reviews The Sydney Ferry Wi-Fi

If you're anything like us, you were probably simultaneously overjoyed and cynical about the announcement that Sydney Ferries is offering free WiFi on 70% of its routes. Gus from Lifehacker spent part of today travelling around on the harbour with the express purpose of testing the service out, and perhaps surprisingly he disembarked grudgingly impressed.

While the speeds are nothing to get overly excited about, the connection seems to be reliable and even the restrictions - 30MB and 30 minute sessions, twice a day - seem to be more a guideline than a strictly enforced rule. But given that Gus has a tendency to find the fault in pretty much any technology service, his accolades aren't something to be sneezed at.

For a much more thorough analysis of Gus' testing, head on over to Lifehacker.


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