Let's Speculate On Upcoming Android Version Names

Android as an operating system is still only in its relative infancy. But their naming convention - which sees each version named after a sweet dessert in alphabetical order - is relatively sophisticated, and therefore potentially predictable. So to pass time on a Friday, let's speculate on the future codenames for Android versions!

Versions 1.0 and 1.1 didn't have codenames (at least not publicly), but they filled the A and B letters. Version 1.5 was known as Cupcake, 1.6 was Donut, 2.1 was Eclair, 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread. Version 3.0 - the first targetted towards tablets - is known as Honeycomb, while the next version after that is reportedly going to be codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich.

But where to from there? Here are our suggestions for the Android team to name their various future Android updates:

J: Jelly (Or Jello, knowing the US) K: Key Lime L: Licorice M: Marshmallow N: Nougat O: Orange Juice P: Pavlova (but most likely Pudding) Q: Quiche R: Roulade S: Sorbet T: Toffee U: Upside Down Cake V: Vanilla (Not sure what that will look like outside Google HQ) W: Wafer X: X...ray? Y: Yoghurt Z: Zabaglione

Turns out picking desserts that don't start with M, P, S or T is actually pretty tough. Things like Q, X, and K were especially difficult, without getting into flavourings. Y is also a questionable offering, given that Google went with FroYo for version 2.2.

Anything you'd change in the list above?



    Xmas pudding?

      I like it! Much better than mine!

    Jellignite (It's the name of a gluten free jelly snakes snack)

    Licorice isn't a sweet dessert. At least not in my book it's not.

    Quenelle (of cream)?

    If they use Xmas Pudding as Mat suggested for X. Then based in the US, Google will most likely use Pumpkin Pie for P.

    And what about Quince Tart for Q.

    Kiwi fruit? (not much of a dessert)
    I guess existing trademarks are out, otherwise Oreos and KitKats might have made the list.
    Quince jam?

    I would opt out of Quiche. gross.

    Triffle of T, Lamington for L, Rice Pudding for R

    Quiche isn't sweet?

    Though I'm pretty sure Zabaglione is literally the ONLY eligible dessert for that category.

    Orange Juice?

    Quondong pie!

    K=Kaya buns. Kaya is coconut based jam popular in Singapore and Malaysia.
    Can't help with Q and X

    In South Africa we have a dougnut-like dessert called Koeksister. That might solve the K problem?

    O: Orea, T: Tiramisu, R: Reese's

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