Latest Pie In The Sky Apple Rumour Hints At Branded TVs

Apple is on the lookout for an engineer with HDTV power supply expertise (among other things), indicating the company could be getting serious—stress could—about a foray into the cutthroat world of TVs.

Note that the listing specifically mentions both standalone displays and the phrase "TV" so this probably isn't a case of Apple calling on an expert to work with its premium line of 24- and 27-inch displays. Probably.

What it could mean is any number of things. Combined HDTV and AppleTV? Another "connected" TV to toss onto the burgeoning pile of connected TVs from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Vizio? Perhaps. For now, however, all we know is there's going to be a TV guy or gal working at Apple soon, doing something. Other rumours also hint it will be a TV, but knowing Apple there'll be a hook, wouldn't you agree? [9to5 Mac]

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