Kinect Control Coming To Windows Phone 7

Kinect Control Coming To Windows Phone 7

As part of their Mobile World Congress keynote, Microsoft showed off some pretty amazing technology coming to Windows Phone 7, which lets gamers play against Kinect players using their Microsoft smartphone.

As you can see from the video above, the demo shows a dude playing the Rally Ball mini game from Kinect Adventures, while two girls control the balls that hurl towards him using their smartphones.

Given that one of Kinect’s biggest problems is the amount of space it requires to play – especially with two players – this technology could potentially add an extra element to Kinect themed gaming nights. If and when it actually launches, of course. Senior product manager of WP7 Greg Sullivan told CNet in Barcelona that:

“[It’s]not a product announcement or end-of-year feature. That is real code, something we’re able to accomplish in the labs, but not a 2011 deliverable thing.”

But given that the Xbox integration on WP7 is just looking for that next push forward to make it more than just another mobile gaming platform, this is an impressive look forward. Hopefully we’ll actually see this hit the end user…

[via CNet]