Kidnapping And Beheading A Ronald McDonald Statue Can Get You Arrested

A group of artists kidnapped a Ronald McDonald statue and staged a spoof Al Qaeda-style hostage YouTube video. Their demands? That McDonald's answer questions on how it produces their food. If the questions were not answered, Ronald McDonald would be executed.

Two of the artists were actually arrested by Finnish police, but it didn't stop them from continuing this rather foolish stunt. McDonald's refused to answer the questions saying that they performed a stunt in poor taste that was "not a responsible approach to meaningful dialogue". So the group "executed" a replica version of the kidnapped Ronald McDonald statue.

I'm sure these guys had good intentions—I mean, have you seen the pink goop chicken nuggets and everlasting happy meal—but I'm siding with the golden arches on this one. Ronnie McD doesn't deserve this kind of treatment! [Daily Mail]

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