Kid Buys Harrier Jet Fighter

A seven-year-old kid came closer to realise every kid's dream than any of us: He bought a real Harrier fighter jet for $US113,000 on eBay. Yes, a Harrier Jump Jet T-Bird Aircraft XW269. The whole shebang, weaponry not included.

Sadly, his dreams were shattered the same day, after his dad found out about the purchase and quickly contacted the company selling it - Jet Art Aviation - telling them the story and asking to cancel the sale. Obviously, they understood it and put it back on the auction block.

But here's the good news, kid: It wasn't really worth it. The aeroplane which flew for the last time in 1997 after 26 years in the Royal Air Force - was not in working condition for legal reasons. Fixing it would have cost you several million dollars. Chin up, though. Now you will be able to spend all that money on something a lot more fun. You know, like a university education. [ebay via Fox]

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