It's Like Flying Really, Really Close To The Ground

If you've always wanted to fly but were scared of hang gliding and paragliding and skydiving and base jumping, don't worry! You can "fly" really close to the ground with this StreetFlyer. It's like suspending yourself on a gigantic tricycle.

You begin with a running start, presumably until you gain enough momentum, and then let it all hang loose and glide. I was surprised at how well the StreetFlyer managed to steer, currently its steering mechanism is closer to that of a bicycle but Dr Carsten Mehring, the creator, is working on a steering mechanism closer to a hang glider (which I assume would feel more natural given the position). It seems like such a silly concept but who am I kidding, I'd love to take it down a big hill. [StreetFlyer via UberGizmo]

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