iiNet Expects To Benefit From The NBN

iiNet Expects To Benefit From The NBN

iiNet have historically been extremely vocal in their frustration with the current broadband infrastructure and how Telstra has used its ownership of exchanges to make competition difficult. So it’s no surprise that iiNet expects to benefit hugely from the rollout of the NBN, given that it will require the separation of Telstra’s retail and wholesale businesses.

In a letter to the Australian Stock Exchange yesterday, iiNet announced that it expected to be one of a few companies to really benefit from the NBN rollout. iiNet MD Michael Malone was quoted in the letter:

“Perhaps half of the premises in Australia have been denied access to true broadband competition, but the NBN changes all that. Not only do we double the available market for our services, but the proposed NBN pricing looks attractive for both iiNet and our customers.”

Of course, the structural separation of Telstra should go ahead regardless of the NBN, which means iiNet should be in a good position either way.