If You Want To Sell Your iPhone 4, eBay's The Best Option

Even six months after it launched, the iPhone 4 is a popular smartphone. It's even popular as a second hand unit. But if you're thinking of upgrading and want to get the best possible resale value, you should avoid those mobile buying sites and opt for eBay, according to Gus over at Lifehacker.

Gus has crunched the numbers, and while a second hand 32GB iPhone 4 can fetch up to $850 on eBay, the best deal you'll get from sites like Mazuma, Cashaphone, Cash for Phones or Mobile Blitz is $533. The 16GB version sees similar disparities between the online auction site and phone buying services - $700 on eBay and $480 on the phone sites.

Hit up Lifehacker for the full rundown, but the end result is clear - while phone buying sites are a pretty decent option to get rid of older handsets, still newish smartphones make more money on eBay.


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