IBM Jeopardy Challenge Finale: Live Commentary

IBM Jeopardy Challenge Finale: Live Commentary

Tonight is the final battle between IBM’s Jeopardy-playing Watson computer and humanity’s two greatest quiz show gladiators. And because I just moved to a state that buries epic man vs. machine battles at 4:30 CST, I’m going to liveblog it early for you all. Spoilers, and the possible end of mankind as we know it, ahead.

For a quick primer on how the contest has shaped up so far, check out our round-ups of the first scrimmage, the evenly matched first round, and last night’s total computer domination. Tonight’s the rubber match. Let’s rumble.

5:30 – Watson gets a much more lengthy introduction than Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Favoritism. Don’t like it.

5:31 – “Luck of the draw has given Watson the first selection.” Sure. Luck.

5:31 – Watson goes straight for European Union category, instantly snaps up $US200 on Istanbul softball.

5:32 – Brad rings in with an incorrect EU response, but Watson also screws up. If it bleeds, we can kill it!

5:34 – Humans are on the board! Brad gets two in a row to dig out of a hole. Ken follows up with two more. Watson doesn’t know much about actors who also direct, apparently.

5:34 – First commercial break. Watson $US4,200; Ken $US3,600; Brad $US600. And man do these guys move fast.